Circuit Hiker Award

The Circuit Hiker Award was first established in 1972 for the purpose of recognizing those who walk the entire 85-mile Susquehannock Trail System in one or more hikes.  To apply for this award the hiker(s) must submit a detailed written log which is reviewed by the Circuit Hiker Award Committee consisting of three active club members.  If all Qualification Requirements are met and the committee agrees, the log is approved and the next consecutive number is awarded to the hiker who then becomes eligible to purchase the Circuit Hiker Award brassard and wallet card.  The requirements for earning this "circuit hiker award" are outlined below.  Completed logs with accompanying photographs are to be submitted to the club's mailing address: Susquehannock Trail Club, P.O. Box 643, Coudersport, PA 16915.

Award Requirements

  • Each applicant must hike the entire Susquehannock Trail System in one or many trips, in either direction.
  • Each individual hiker should sign every trail book encountered along the Susquehannock Trail System.
  • Each applicant must maintain a log of the trip in considerable detail, preferably with accompanying photographs.
  • Each log submitted must include signatures of each hiker applying for the Circuit Hiker award. Groups hiking together may keep a combined log, but each member of the group must sign the log.
  • If the group covers only part of the circuit, each member of the group should acquire a copy of the group log. Each copy must bear the names of all the members of the group. The individual applicant must then submit a copy of the group log, together with other logs for other parts of the circuit hike, when applying for the award.
  • Each applicant must submit his/her log(s) of the circuit hike to the Susquehannock Trail Club Circuit Hiker Award Committee. A group who has hiked the entire distance together, may submit a combined log to the committee, but each member of the group must sign the log.
  • The Circuit Hiker Award Committee will review the log(s). If the committee is satisfied that the applicant has hiked the entire Susquehannock Trail System, the committee will certify the applicant as a Circuit Hiker.
  • Each certified Susquehannock Trail System Circuit Hiker is eligible to purchase and wear the "Susquehannock Trail System Circuit Hiker" brassard. Additional brassards may be purchased by certified STS Circuit Hikers.
  • Certified Susquehannock Trail System Circuit Hikers will be given identification numbers by the Susquehannock Trail Club Circuit Hiker award Committee in the order in which they are certified by the Committee.
  • Relocation of any portion of the Susquehannock Trail System after an applicant has hiked through that portion, shall not disqualify the applicant.
  • The Susquehannock Trail Club Circuit Hiker Award Committee may require an applicant to appear before the committee to testify about the hike.
  • The Susquehannock Trail Club Circuit Hiker award Committee may, at its discretion, modify the log requirements for Circuit Hiker award applicants who completed the hiking requirements prior to January 1, 1977.

Latest Recipients

1144. Andrew Miller
Summerfield, OH
1143. Shyler
Summerfield, OH
1142. Braze Bilins
Summerfield, OH
1141. Wesley Dulaney
Summerfield, OH
1140. Josh Zook
Summerfield, OH
1139. Lydell Martin
Summerfield, OH
1138. Mason Shields
Summerfield, OH
1137. Justin Miller
Summerfield, OH
1136. Wendall Miller
Summerfield, OH
1135. Garrett Rhodes
Carnegie, PA
1134. Nathaniel Huff
Harrisburg, PA
1133. Stacy Boone
Pagosa Springs, CO
1132. Valorie Patillo
Galeton, PA
1130. George Grzyb
Carteret, NJ
1129. Eric Janson
Wayne, PA
1128. Terry Holtzapple
Coudersport, PA
1127. Joseph Iole
Philadelphia, PA