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Membership in the Susquehannock Trail Club offers you extensive opportunities to enjoy that portion of the Crown Jewel of Pennsylvania known as "God's Country." Members are invited to participate in activities such as leading hikes, both scheduled and impromptu; volunteering a few hours to keep the trail system clear; or joining other club members for some socializing at one of the club's annual activities.

Currently the club is made up of approximately 300 members. Our membership is diverse, with the members ranging from under 20 to a few even in their 90's. With the vast array of members' ages, interest, and abilities, there are activities for all to enjoy.

Some of our members have been with the club since its founding in 1967, and have remained in the club over the years for vastly different reasons. Here are some of their thoughts on why they joined, and why they remain members:

"When I learned that Bill Fish was proposing a hiking trail in Potter County, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the project. I have always enjoyed working with topographic maps and scouting out unknown territory. This was a perfect excuse to get out in the woods and search out some of the old CCC trails that I had always wanted to follow." -- Tom

"My interest in the outdoors, mainly the woods, lead me to join the STC. I was fascinated with topographical (topo) maps and how other founding club members, who worked in the forestry office where I worked, would use them while scouting out the trails. They'd occasionally show me the maps and I thought this was the neatest thing; I wanted to join the fun!" -- Lois

Other members have joined more recently and share these thought:

"The Susquehannock Trail System is one of the best trails I have ever been on. It is clear of brush and blow-downs, well marked, and a loop that helps with logistics. I wanted to help and support this spectacular trail system." -- Brian

"I wanted to learn about hiking in the area and hoping one day to make it to one of the club's hikes. Since I live several hours away, I can't do much to help out, but since this is the best area for hiking I wanted to support one of the best trails there." -- Martha

"I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking in Potter County. The STC is a great way to connect with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts." -- Ken

"For years I had looked forward to the opportunity to hike the STS. After I did it (I wanted to join the club as a 'did it' and not a 'wannabe'), I thought the STS was a great thing, and wanted to associate with other people who enjoyed the same experience." -- Wanda

"The trail is just so darn enjoyable to hike. It deserves my help and support." -- Daryl

"I moved to the area, and didn't know anyone, so it was a good way to meet local people, and enjoy the natural beauty all around at the same time. " -- Barb

Each year members lead several hikes in every season sharing the beauty of the Susquehannock State Forest. Some of these hikes are day hikes for various purposes such as nature photography, forest management, History of Potter County's Forest, Circuit Hiker hikes, or simply just to enjoy a warm afternoon with a few hikers. Each member has his own interest in the forest, and on the hikes he leads, you can learn different bits of woods wisdom and trail trivia.

An important aspect of club membership is to assist with maintaining the Susquehannock Trail System. Your membership goes to pay for the tools and materials we use to do so. Each year club members spend over 800 hours removing fallen tree limbs; weed-whacking ferns; repainting blazes; cutting back encroaching brush; building, painting and posting signs along the STS. We always hope that new members will lend a few hours each year helping keep the trail in good condition. We have been fortunate to have volunteers who have graciously spent an hour, a weekend, or even more to ensure that the STS remains one of the most enjoyable trails in PA for hikers. Often the crews remark on the fun and enjoyment they have while doing this maintenance.

The club hosts two annual events where members of the club come together to socialize and partake of nature's beauty in a slightly more structured format. As a club member you are invited to join us in mid-winter for our Winter Frolic and in mid-summer for our Camporee. Also, from time-to-time, a group of STC members take longer trips away from Potter County to enjoy nature's beauty elsewhere. We've taken trips to the Adirondacks in New York, Isle Royal in Lake Superior, and Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies.

If any of this interests you, we'd like to invite you to join us. You can do so by filling out our membership application, making a check or money order payable to Susquehannock Trail Club for your dues (as per the table below) and mailing it to PO Box 643 Coudersport, PA 16915.

Membership Rates:

Individual Membership: $10.00

Family Membership:$20.00

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