Susquehannock Hiker

Four times a year, the Susquehannock Trail Club publishes the Susquehannock Hiker, a newsletter of six to ten pages. The newsletter announces future events, briefly summarizes major events of the recent past, and contains a variety of other material pertinent to the club, its members, or general environmental awareness.

Most of the stories, articles, essays, and photos are submitted by club members. We are always looking for content, as the submissions are often scarce. At the moment, we are seeking artists who can sketch line drawings of hiking and camping situations such as getting drinking water from a stream, toiling up a steep hill, cooking over a campfire, etc.

Paper copies of the newsletter are mailed to about two-thirds of the members. The other third receives their copies by email, or will be able to access them via this website. The electronic version features color pictures while the paper version contains only grayscale images.

The editions currently available online are: